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Performed mainly to honor Goddess Durga, the Durga Homa ritual is carried out to seek the divine blessings of Devi Durga so that your desires are fulfilled. This Homa is really very useful to cancel negative energies and for self-confidence. It invokes the energy of Goddess Durga to get rid of all evil forces like hatred, anger, jealousy etc. Goddess Durga or the Divine Mother cures all adversaries and blurs all your problems and gives you extraordinary wealth and prosperity.


Experience positivity and vibrance in your surroundings when you and lead a trouble free life. By performing this ritual, you can channelize the immense power from the sacred fire and make full use of the dynamic energy of the Homa to get rid of all confusion and doubts. This ritual can be performed any day once a year based on your birth star or during Venus and Jupiter horas.


Performing a Durga Homa frees you from all kinds of Black Magic, evil acts, depression, negativity, evil eyes etc and offers you a healthy and prosperous life. End all your relationship issues and get the remedies related to planet Rahu with this Homa. 

Nota- In this Havan, all Havan material are included.

If customers wish to perform Havan in his place then Havan Kund shall be provided by customer.

Fruit, Flowers, Sweet also provided by customer.


Prasad Delivery Dates – 10-15 Working Days in India 

                                     30 Working Days in Out of India 

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