Pandit Registration

Fill up the Pandit Registration Form for yourself and get more Puja assignments at your favoured locations. Pandits will get benefits of performing puja Gifts as a token of love and respect. Pandits are requested to fill their complete details with no copied images. In case of any difficulties feel free to Contact us.  We will get back to you as soon as possible through email or telephone.

We Welcome Pandits from all over India to Join us....


1.Pandit should agree to all terms and conditions while registration to

2.As per the agreement, pandit shouldn’t share his contact details with the customers and also shouldn’t have any connection after completing the requested all kind of puja. If comes to know about this, Kathapujan.Com reserves the right to terminate the contract with the pandit.

3.After receiving and accepting the puja request ,the pandit can not refuse.

4.Pandit can not ask for any additional amount from customers.

5.Pandit should perform the puja completely without any distraction and all the puja should be completed.

6.Pandit can’t quarrel and argue with customers during the time of services.

7.If customer provide good feedback about pandit, then pandit will get gift for that.

8.Pandit can refer to other pandit to get rewards points.


I/We have gone through the terms and conditions stated above and agree to the some.