Puja in Jagannatha Temple Puri

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The Jagannatha Temple of Puri is the main attraction of the city and is the tallest monument of the Indian sub-continent. The main Gods worshiped here are Lord Jagannatha, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra. The temple is well known for the Rath Yatra which is attended by millions of devotees all across the country.

It is believed that during the Krita Yuga, the actual idol of Lord Jagannatha had immense power to grant moksha to anyone. Yamaraja thought it was unjust and he kept the image at some far and unknown place. In the Dvapar Yuga, Lord Vishnu constructed the idol again in Jagannatha Puri with wooden logs. Lord Jagannatha takes his form without hands and legs in Puri. Offerings of fifty- six different types of food, eight times a day are given to the Lord. On special festive occasions, other additional rituals are carried out He takes a tour of the world in his splendidly designed carts. The temple timings for darshan are from 5 am to 12 in the midnight. 

Puja- Bhog Seva

Note- all puja material included and Daan of pandit

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Note- All the material ( puja samagri ) along with Dakshina of Pandit are included in above price.

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