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The pious story of Shree Ram Katha and the lessons of life are generally contained in the holy book of Ramayana. Lord Ram is described as Purushottam Shri Ram, who teaches us the divine rule of life, guiding the way of truth, and bestowing the calm The Ramayana is at once history, legend and a poem unmatchable sublime, supremely artistic and magnificently dramatic story.  

What is the significance of Ram Katha?

When it comes to the “Ram Katha”, is completely devoted to the generous Ram, is the name of truth. In Ramcharitmanas, the path of truth has blessed the house with happiness and purified the air and space wherever it’s performed. Therefore, to completely understand the pleasure of life, we must devote ourselves to the story of Lord Ram Katha.

What are the benefits of Ram Katha?

·        Conveys health, wealth and success in your life.

·        Keeps the negative and any evil energy away.

·        Fetches happiness, peace, as well as prosperity.

·        Encourages and define the power of truth.

·        Fetches positivity and provides power to fight against sin.

·        Removes depression and misery completely.

Honestly!!The story of “Ram katha” deserves to listen by all of us as it showing us the path of emancipation which is crucial for all human being associated with the Hinduism

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