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Mata Ki Chowki is a spiritual program between the Hindu that can be performed at any time or on any occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, and marriage and Navratri festivals. Mata ki chowki includes kirtans and bhajans which are performed in the respect to Mata Durga, Mata Laxmi, Mata Kaali, Saraswati, and Annapurna. In Mata Ki Chowki, all the family members or relative seat together and listens to the bhajans. Mata Ki Chowki performs during the night as like jagaran where the entire listener chants bhajans and gets the blessings of Mata Rani.

What are the Benefits of Mata Ki Chowki?                        

·        Removes any evil or negative energy from your house.

·        Performing Mata ki chowki brings happiness into your life.

·        Brings prosperity, health and wealth.

·        Performing Mata ki chowki during the marriage ceremony blesses with a long-life relationship.

·        Convey the positive energy inside you.

So!! If you are having any kind of misery in your family or you are suffering from any kind of disease, then Mata Ki Chowki is the ultimate worship to make your Mata Rani who always cares the life of every human being. 

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