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The whole life and happiness and sadness are thought of with twelve parts of the horoscope. The planets and their states determine the direction of our lives. In the same way, we want to give information about a major defect that in the kundli ie eclipse defect. First of all, it is very important to know what the blame is and what effect it has on our lives.

First of all, know how the eclipse defect in the horoscope becomes. When any planet in the horoscope of any person lives in the spirit of the soul factor or the sun or the mind with one of the planets and one of the planets of ketu then the soler eclipse and the lunar eclipse formation are made. Apart from this, even if the horoscope of the horoscope remains in the house, the eclipse from is made, that is, if the sun is setting in any other house of the horoscope, then even auspicious fruit can’t  be attained.

Duration- 3.5 Hours

Havan Kund, Fruit, Flowers, Sweet also provided by customer.

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