Mata Ka Jagran

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Three people are worshiped in Jagaran of Mata. these three people are mother Saraswati, Nidra Devi and Hanuman ji.

 Mata Saraswati is the Goddess of Knowledge and Vidya that makes the person power and knowledgeable, so people try to please them with dhols.

Nidra Devi: It is said that not test without difficulty so even if the devotees have to fight with the sleeping goddess to get power from the mother Saraswati, the sleepy goddess tries to break the sadhana of the devotees and the person who wins on sleep He gets the blessings of mother Saraswati.

Bajrang Bali: Rudra Avatar Bajrang Bali is residing with mother like soul, so no awareness is complete till then unless the worship of Ram devotee Hanuman is worshiped. People begin to awaken the mother from Hanuman Chalisa only.

Tara Rani: In the story of Jagaran, after the recitation of the recitation of the night, there is the story of Tarawati just before sunrise ... you wake up all night, but if you do not listen to Tara's story, then your prayer is considered incomplete. The story of Tarawati is also called Tara Rani's story

Singer, sound system, jhanki, stage 

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