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The Dhanavantri homa is performed in the honor of Lord Dhanvantri (Lord Vishnu). Hecame into existence at the time of the churning of the Sea of milk holding a pot of nectar and restorative herbs to revitalize the heavenly beings. The energy from this Yajna acts as a protective shield and safeguards against all ailments for good health and keeps disorders at bay.

The ritual is mainly performed once a year to destroy the negativity in your body and achieve best results. It is best recommended to the people suffering from serious incurable diseases. By the grace of Lord Dhanvantri, not only the ailments of body and mind are healed but also the soul is freed from the shackles of life and death. By inhaling the Homa or the smoke, rest assured of good health offered by the divine Lord Danvantri.

When performing this ritual, a total of 108 medicinal herbs have to be offered into the sacred fire. As a result of this, medicinal properties are emitted in the atmosphere, which helps in the allevation of various physical ailments. Ekadashi Tithi would be the apt time to perform this auspicious Yajna. 

Duration - 3 Hours

Nota- In this Havan, all Havan material are included.

If customers wish to perform Havan in his place then Fruit, Flowers, Sweet shall be provided by the customer.

 Prasad Delivery Dates – 10-15 Working Days in India 

                                      30 Working Days in Out of India              


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