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Bhoomi Pujan is a ceremony which is performed to inaugurate a new land, home or building. As per Hindu customs, the Earth or Bhoomi is our mother. Bhoomi Puja involves praying to Mother Earth for the complete well-being and prosperity. It is a really important ritual that’s strictly dedicated to worshipping this mother. Veda Sutras are chanted at the time of Bhoomi Puja in order to nullify any evil forces and prevail in peace.


The Bhoomi Puja is carried out in accordance with the norms of the Vastu Shastra. By doing the Bhoomi Pujan, we basically seek forgiveness and permission for disturbing Mother Earth. The foundation is the most important component of any building. If the foundation is weak, the building will also be the same. In a similar fashion, properly carrying out Bhumi Puja will bring happiness and luck.


By performing the Bhumi Puja we pray to Vastu Purush and seek his divine blessings. Performing this Puja also helps in getting rid of all kinds of Vastu Doshas.


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