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Mrutyunjaya homa is a Yajna which is performed for ward off life-threatening situations likeaccidents and ensure longevity of life. As the name suggests, this auspicious ceremony takes place in order to achieve victory ie Jaya over death ie Mrutyu . It protects you from all kinds of dangers and ensures a healthy and long life. Maha Mrutyunjaya Mantra is one of the most powerful Vedic mantras. This Homa is known to bring in optimism and courage in you. It acts as a panacea and cures even the incurable illnesses.


The Mrutyunjaya homa is carried out in honour of Lord Shiva to protect against untimely death. The vibrations that are generated from the Fire Lab acts as a shield and protects against all kinds of sickness and disease. Divine blessings of Lord Shiva will guide you throughout life. This powerful ritual is generally performed on birthdays to help you lead a hassle-free life and instill strength and willpower.


Trained priests perform the Yajna wherein they chant 21 special mantras in order to ensure the effectiveness of the ceremony. Durva grass and Amrita herb offerings are considered great in this ritual. 

Duration – 3 Hours

Nota- In this Havan, all Havan material are included.

If customers wish to perform Havan in his place then Havan Kund shall be provided by customer.

Fruit, Flowers, Sweet also provided by customer.


Prasad Delivery Dates – 10-15 Working Days in India 

                                     30 Working Days in Out of India 

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