Vindyavasini Temple, Mirzapur

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Vindhyavasini Temple is one of the most famous worship places for the Hindus which is actuated on the banks of the holy river Ganga, in Mirzapur. It counts as one among the 108 Shaktipheets. Each year, thousands of sage come to Vindhyanchal dham for performing the meditation which continuos 10 days. People trust that Vindhyavasini Devi provide blessings without any delay and this faith attracts the devotees to come to this temple. Some people faith that no temple is pure as Vindhyachal anywhere on this globe. Vindhyanchal is also known by various names such as Sidhipeeth, Manidweep, and Shaktipeeth. The power of three goddess Maha Lakshmi, Maha Kali and Maha Saraswati blessed this holy place.

According to some myths, the Goddess Lakshmi had done tapasya on this place for ten thousand years. Lord Shiva pleased with their Tapasya and blessed the Goddess Laxmi. They declared the Goddess Laxmi to main Lord of Vindhyachal. Lord Vishnu also got Sudarshana chakra at this holy place. This is the place, where Goddess Sati fell when Lord Vishnu cut the body into the 108 parts. Till the date, it is count as the greatest one among 108 Shaktipeeth and 12 Maha Peeths. It is one of the most crowded Shaktipeeths and every year, lots of devotees come to this place for worship and to get blessings of Mata Vindhyavansi devi. The big festivals are held there during the Navratri in April and October.

Note- all puja material included and Daan of pandit

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